About me

Terry CassellCirca 1958 my background is in electronics & computers, I made my first computer with a soldering iron and little bits of yellow wire in 1978. Back in the 80's I used to design electronic hardware and write software. In 1990 I launched a product I had designed, it was a plug-in card which put Teletext on a PC. Back then private investors were typing share prices in to their computer's from the paper each morning. The Teletext card automated all of that. I ran the business from home and sold thousands of them even as far away as New Zealand & Australia.

At the turn of the century the widespread adoption of the internet spelled the end of that opportunity and after a brief return to Electronics design work I soon realised that I wanted to be creative in a more "arty" way and that I could use my technical background to enhance that.

So these days I design web sites, I'm proud of all of them and hope to keep it that way. I do static sites like this one plus I also do the bits behind a site that can make it do really useful things calculating prices for people, returning the result of a search or allowing business owners to update bits themselves.

t: 023 9259 5694    3 Rose Hill, Lovedean, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO8 9QU Trading as Microtext which was established in 1984.

Happy green bug